Night Jellies (Moons)
(Nature Studies series)

11″ x 17″ ink, pencil & paint on paper. 2016.

This original mixed media artwork on heavy watercolor paper showcases moon jellyfish and a fried egg jellyfish in the midst of the Salish Sea still waters at dusk. Inspired by one of my many kayak explorations in the Discovery Islands Group.

Between Marina and Cortes islands in the fall, there are evenings where the slack water runs deep and clear. I float along the water top, looking down at the plethora of jellies gliding below. Sometimes there are silver flashes among them or below: groups of fish swimming past. The sun dips below the horizon, coloring the sky behind the treeline. The sun’s bright colors competing with the deep colors of the coming night. I should really head back. It’ll be dark soon. There are no street lights, path lights or even indoor lights to light my way. The only light is fading. The cabin fire probably needs stoking. I need to go paint this moment so I can remember it, paint it by candlelight in a cabin in the woods without electricity. Maybe there will be owl calls or wolf howls to keep me company tonight.

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