Mulno Cove Farm & Barn (SJI)
(Animal Habitats series)

11″ x 17″ ink, pencil & paint on paper. 2016.

My Anima series explores the shape and form of nature in the Pacific Northwest. This original mixed media artwork on heavy watercolor paper showcases this heritage barn, located on San Juan island in the San Juans. This piece is special to me as I lived and worked on the dairy goat farm that used this barn in it’s last year of agricultural use.

The constantly escaping kid goat gang, led by head rascals Mocha and Dotless. Bindi the barn cat. Montana, the surely buck that peed all over himself the first time we met, typical. Burying a yearling attacked by a fox. Number three, the yearling that always always got her head caught in the fence and screamed and screamed for help, until the farmer and I finally duct taped a long stick between her horns. Holding a newborn goat in my arms while it’s mother died on my lap. The early morning milkings before a quick kayak before heading to work on the boat.

The year I learned I’m better suited for farming plants than animals, mirroring my childhood spent in orchards. Or better yet, at this stage in life: being farm adjacent and offering an occasional helping hand.

This original artwork was commissioned by the San Juan County Fair.

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