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through a series of links, i found this video online & cannot stop watching it. mesmerizing. gorgeous. makes me want to collaborate on a music video.

scenes from kayaking around the islands yesterday…
although out of focus and a bit shaky, i love the water sparkle and sun in this one!

i was so stealth floating in my kayak that these murrelets didn’t even realize i was so close to them. until my kayak smacked into a rock!

speaking of rocks, here’s a short video floating by one of my favorite searock walls on the back of one of the small islands out here.

actually, the glass-surface harbor water is reflecting the sky & the jellyfish are swimming in it!

one more for good measure!

i have never seen the likes of this little one before, but there it was, doing it’s thing when i docked my kayak on a rock outcropping this afternoon. it was about 4″ long. anyone know what it is???

Salmon Running #1 from jill bliss on Vimeo.

This is my first time seeing a quantity of salmon running up a creek to their ancestral spawning grounds from the sea. I feel so fortunate to have seen this so close-up! And not only to have seen them patiently waiting and gathering the energy to proceed, but also to have seen one skitter at full speed!

Salmon Running #2 from jill bliss on Vimeo.

Pretty Pink Winter Sunset from jill bliss on Vimeo.

This is just a short snippet of the amazing sunset we had this evening. I wish I could convey the entire panarama of the sky surrounding my perch on the edge of a cliff on this small island off the coast of BC Canada!

PNW moss rock waterfall #2 from jill bliss on Vimeo.

This one has a fun gurgling sound, and is hidden behind moss & lichens growing over the crack in the rock through which it flows!

PNW moss rock waterfall #1 from jill bliss on Vimeo.


my obsession with the coastal cliff rocks and the moss that lives on them continues! here’s a short video of rainy day miniature waterfalls. enjoy the sights and the sounds! [and you can hear several of the different bird species in the bay in the background as well!]

by now everyone’s fully aware of my moss & lichen love, and there’s just SO MUCH of it to love in my current location! it’s been such a treat to visit certain patches on a daily basis to track their progress and changes as the rainy season began here.

it’s been equally fun to learn how to depict them using my chosen new-to-me medium: paint.

after a few false-starts and dead-ends that felt like bad renditions of other people’s work rather than my own [sorry, not shown. but if you’re really interested i’d be happy to post those as well!], i feel as if i’ve finally arrived at my own “take with paint.” above, 2 pieces i’m happy with. below, a detail of one of the pieces.

it’s not so easy to traslate your vision and work to a new medium. this is a conversation i’ve had with quite a few other artists in the past few years. painting is a much slower and more deliberate process than the pen & ink work i’m accustomed to, but i saw first hand the depth of possibilities paint would bring to my work when i did a collaborative art show with three other painters two years ago.

yeah. it’s taken me that long to arrive here! more painting, more creating are two of my primary goals during this sabbatical adventure year i’ve given myself!

another detail of one of the moss pieces:

one of my other goals this year is to be better about selling my original artwork, rather than just tucking it into a flatfile drawer and forgetting about it. in the next few days i’ll decide the best way to accomplish that with these pieces!

and also get these new images to the printer for notecards in time for the holiday season! stay tuned!

the most painted piece yet! i’m getting the hang of this stuff now!

a close up.

the tide has been out so far the past few mornings that i’ve been able to access the little island in the bay.

the channel bed features lots of oysters, shells, the smallest sand dollars, and the occasional sea urchin skeleton..

i carefully transported a few specimens back to my cabin & worked on this new piece by the light of my headlamp.

another interesting thing about the channel i explored is that it’s apparently a leased oyster farm. and the only structure on the small island was an out-of-commission outhouse with the words “lavender isle” on the door. and there were lots of great moss and lichen on the rocks! definitely worth further exploration when the tide allows!