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A powerful summer read from the library so in tune with my work, thoughts, being-ness this strange transformational summer. A few quotes of many that resonate: “There is a structural echo that suggests two things: one, that there are shapes & patterns fundamental to our universe, and two, that what we practice at a small scale can reverberate to the largest scale… at a local level we – Americans – don’t know how to do democracy. We don’t know how to make decisions together, how to create generative compromises, how to advance policies that center justice. Most of our movements are reduced to… things we can get corporate or governmental agreement on, which don’t actually get us where we need to be. It was and is devastatingly clear to me that until we have some sense of how to live our solutions locally we won’t be successful at implementing a just governance system regionally, nationally or globally.” And “How do we live compassion, justice, love, accessibility, in alignment with this planet & with the people (and beings) on it? How do we live our values? As we are, so it (our work, our movement) will be.For the majority of us, myself included, this means vast ongoing transformation from how we are currently living & being. And as we transform, we see more things that need transformation, within ourselves & the world. It is so important to cultivate our patience, our thoughtfulness, our willingness to slow down & seek the wisdom of those not already part of our movements – not to get them in step with our point of view, but because we need their lives experiential wisdom to shape solutions that will work for the majority of living beings. It is imperative to regenerate our curiosity, our genuine interest in different opinions, & in people we don’t know yet – can we see them as part of ourselves, & maintain curiosity, especially when we want to constrict & critique?”

The latest from Instagram...

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