Abundance, the delicate dance of Salish Sea species. Prints, notecards, stickers now available online (link in bio) and Saturdays at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market. As always, at least 10% (more when I can spare it) go to environmental and social justice organizations – the ever-growing list is on my website. **Above, a humpback whale feeding on herring schools while migrating towards Alaska summer feeding grounds. Below, eelgrass meadows that support our many small creatures including herring, which in part feed our dwindling population of chinook salmon, which feed our critically endangered southern resident orca. Here I’ve depicted two favorite whales of the mere 75 we have left in this population: Spirit (L22) and her son Solstice (L89).**A majority of us know that removing dams, fish farms & pollution in the Salish Sea and the rivers that feed into it is key to the survival of herring, salmon, orca, US. More of us are harassing our elected officials to remind them they work for us, not big business or special interests. More of us are calling out or shunning big businesses that put shareholder profits before community health & well being. More of us are tuning into the leadership of native tribes that had lived in connection with nature here for at least 300 generations before we arrived. More of us are realizing that our very presence here is part of the problem. Human overpopulation, shoreline development, trash, waste mismanagement, roads, cars – none of us are exempt from blame, consequence, awareness, forgiveness and evolution. Our current systems are failing all of us – how can each of us help them evolve?

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