Neighbors. *** This afternoon as I was entering the barn I asked the big baby barn swallows in the nest above if it was time for them to fledge yet. A few minutes later I heard a barn swallow commotion outside and arrived just in time to see the first fly the nest, then the second. The third hesitated a long while, but finally flew out also. I chuckled as the fledglings swooped and flew and tested their wings, while mama & papa blocked each from re-entering the nest. Eventually all 3 took a rest together on the crest of the neighbors roof, surveying their new world. How amazing to witness this event after weeks of watching them grow! I didn’t have my phone on me, so I have no visuals to share! *** Later, biking on the road, I spied this butterfly sitting on the edge stripe and stopped to investigate. Alive but barely moving, it was malformed on the wing and abdomen. I spent some time with it and moved it to a safer spot away from the asphalt to live out it’s life. *** Later still, this ladybug kept me company in the garden, crawling up and down each carrot seedling to investigate as I thinned the patch. You can also hear the ravens talking up a storm in the trees near the garden.

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