A not-curated look at my current work table!.Rainy windy weather outside keeps me indoors today to toggle between 2 projects due next month: an oak tree themed Arbor Day piece for Marin CA county parks, and a talk about science & nature for Feiro Marin Life Center in Port Angeles WA. .Both infused with my latest winter reads that involve my typical nature studies but have been expanded to include the study of human cultures past, present, and possible futures. .I see-feel it in my work, my life and those around me: we have arrived at an important crossroads and have big decisions to make right now. Expand or contract? Personally and professionally I’m choosing expansion, and I’m using this season to explore what that means and looks like..Some of the books I’ve read & return to this season to help me articulate my chosen future based on an honest look at the past and present: Witches and Pagans (Max Dashu), Tending the Wild (M. Kat Anderson), At Sea With The Marine Birds of The Raincoast (Caroline Fox), White Trash (Nancy Isenberg), An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the US (Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz), Sacred Economics (Charles Eisenstein), Braiding Sweetgrass (Robin Wall-Kimmerer), and Belonging (Toko-pa Turner)..What are your thoughts and go-to books (or podcasts) for the season?

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