Jill Bliss

February 22, 2012

color run!

so, you know how hindus have their spring holi festival, which, as wiki says “culminates with a bonfire, throwing colored powder at each other, and going absolutely crazy”?

well, i love the colored powder idea but i teach in march so it’s hard to get to india, nepal or pakistan, or anywhere really, to properly participate.

enter the color run, a colored powder running tour hitting u.s. cities this year. you wear a white shirt and run three miles hitting different colored powder stations along the way. could be hokey, could also be tons of fun. i’d love to see/hear from anyone that’s participated in one of the other cities before it hits portland in august! thanks plenty of color for the head’s up!

2 Responses to color run!

  1. Hi Jill

    I won one of your prints in the Plywerk competition! I’m absolutely thrilled! I love your work – both aesthetically and also philosophically (I’m an environmentalist and artist too!). I’d like to write about it on my blog. Do you mind if I use one of your images?
    PS Holi festival is fun. I was in Thailand once when it was on!

  2. ohhh looks like fun!

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