Jill Bliss

March 30, 2011

staying home as a necessity and a right

i moved to portland and the pacific northwest a few years back because i recognized it as a place i could live long-term economically, socially and emotionally, and much easier in the coming future years of uncertainties.

this was always one of my favorite places to visit to escape the drudgery, stress and franticness of the bay area or new york. and now i get to live here full-time! still, i sometimes need a reminder to enjoy my permanent [working] vacation. all the spring blooms and growth popping up in the neighborhood are a good reminder.

and “the most radical thing you can do: staying home as a necessity and a right” by rebecca solnit does a good job at characterizing what i’m trying to articulate!

some passages [accompanied by images from the spring bounty of my neighborhood]:

Will the world reorganize for the better? … Will we stay home and grow more of our own food with dignity, humanity, a little sweat off our own brows, and far fewer container ships and refrigerated trucks zooming across the planet?

Will we recover a more stately, settled, secure way of living as the logic of ricocheting like free electrons withers in the shifting climate?

Some of these changes must come out of the necessity to reduce carbon emissions, the unaffordability of endlessly moving people and things around. But some of it will have to come by choice. To choose it we will have to desire it—desire to stay home, own less, do less getting and spending, to see a richness that lies not in goods and powers but in the depth of connections.

3 Responses to staying home as a necessity and a right

  1. Love Portland spring! We have lavender growing in our tree lawn and smelling daphne when out walking the dogs. Thrilling! BTW I was out with the family over the weekend and we ended up at Crafty Wonderland. My husband saw some of your prints ( I think the octopus) and has fallen in love. I’ll be headed back there this weekend. Great work!

  2. jill :

    very cool! yeah, that store is dangerous!

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