Jill Bliss

October 27, 2010

book of the week: wild comfort

this is the book i’ve had on my bedside table for the past month and read a chapter or so a night before going to sleep. there’s lots of dog-earred pages with inspiring passages such as:
“there is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature,” rachel carson wrote. “the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.” …the bottom may drop out of my life, what i trusted may fall away completely, leaving me astonished and shaken. but still, sticky leaves emerge from bud scales that curl off the tree as the sun crosses the sky. darkness pools and drains away, and the curve of the new moon points to the place the sun will rise again. there is wild comfort in the cycles and the intersecting circles, the rotations and revolutions, the growing and ebbing of this beautiful and strangely trustworthy world.”

[my friend amy emailed me these beautiful east coast autumn nature photos last night to show me what she sees everyday near her new home. they match kathleen’s words well.]

“to be worthy of the astonishing world, a sense of wonder will be a way of life, in every place and time, no matter how familiar: to listen in the dark of every night, to praise the mystery of every returning day, to be astonished again and again, to be grateful with an intensity that cannot be distinguished from joy.”

“there are no edges in this world. the water, the snow, the bear, the memory of the blackbird, the urgent growth of the lily are all one beautiful, mysterious thing, and we are a part of that one thing. how, then, can we ever be alone?”

“failing to notice a gift dishonors it, and deflects the love of the giver. that’s what’s wrong with living a careless life, storing up sorrow, waking up regretful, walking unaware. but to turn the gift in your hands, to say, this is wonderful and beautiful, this is a great gift – this honors the gift and the giver of it.”

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  1. Cate :


    We met today at the craft show today by the Beaverton library, and I just wanted to stop by here to say that it’s so nice to see that the creator of lovely works is so sweet. I can’t wait until I can get my hands on that turtle print. :)


  2. jill :

    hi cate! your work is lovely too! great to meet you yesterday, see you at crafty wonderland!

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