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Monthly Archives: April 2010

it’s tiiiiiiime! besides lucy keeping me busy and sleep-deprived, i’ve also been holed up in the studio working on lots of limited edition and one-of-a-kind items especially for crafty wonderland this weekend! big hint: mother’s day is right around the corner!

see a new interview with yours truly on pikaland… melanie asked such great and thought-provoking questions!

sorry i’ve been so m.i.a. on the blog lately… lucy’s been keeping me busy and sleep-deprived!

here’s what i’m doing sunday! can’t wait to eat some homemade food, peruse homemade wares and see some of you!

me and earth day are the same age [well, i’m a few weeks older], while my professional career as an artist/crafter/designer marks it’s 10 year anniversary next month.

to celebrate these dates, and since sustainability has always been a core component of my work, it’s only fitting to kick off my year-long anniversary celebrations with a co-celebration of earth day! receive 25% your entire order today through april 25 with the promotion code “earthday” at checkout in my online shop.

happy birthday earth, and happy anniversary professional me!

know anyone celebrating their 16th birthday, or having a crafty birthday party? i’ve created customized and customizable invitations just for them via tiny prints!

more invitations and announcement designs designed by me for tiny prints are on the way… stay tuned!

amazing work by katharina trudzinski.

feels colorfully tribal somehow!

the white one above reminds me of a huge black sculpture piece i used to see at the moma in new york on my weekly visits. i don’t remember that artist’s name… maybe louise bourgeois?

actually, a more accurate title for this post would be “book of several weeks ago”… but i’ve been busy with work, lucy, and teaching and have fallen behind on blogging. apologies to the 3 of you who follow this blog on a regular basis!

i’ve read 4 books now within the urban farming genre, the new strain of DIY brought upon a lot of us by necessity, so most of this book felt redundant and left me craving the better written ones i’d read previously. that is, until i read the pig section. many people, myself included, have participated in gardening and the entire lifecycle of edible plants. novella takes life -cycle and -sustenance a step further, and explores it fully.

the lengths she went to to keep her pigs happy and well-fed [nightly dumspter diving among them], and then learning to use every last piece of the pigs after slaughter [including learning how to cure the meats from a master chef, making disgusting-sounding head cheese] and the countless ways in which she participates, honors, and thoroughly understands these lives she raised and then ended in order to nourish her own was/is respect-worthy.

now, if you know my artwork, you understand that muscle, bone and flesh don’t hold much appeal for me – as subject-matter or sustenance, living or dead.

how cool is this? on the dos family blog… her daughter wrote her name for the first time on a page in the native herbs journal i drew and designed! yay! i love seeing how the things i make live out in the world…

just arrived from my publisher, chronicle books: a preview of the sea flowers boxed notecards that will be available this fall!

i made this custom journal and cozy for a client a few months back, and didn’t have time to post it then! i was really happy to use one of my existing illustrations and repurpose it for a special one-of-a-kind gift!