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October 22, 2009

um, hello fall!


i was unexpectedly pulled out of regular life to deal with a family emergency for the past few weeks. while i was gone, fall appeared here in portland. it’s a beautiful time of year!


thankfully my artwork is portable. above was my temporary studio set up in the family kitchen while i was gone. note the redwoods issue of national geographic! if you know my work, you know redwoods are my favorite tree. check out this centerfold [also available as a print, which would make a great holiday gift, hint, hint]…


[the little red dot at the base of the tree is a person. click the pic to see it bigger.]

my favorite new thing i learned in the article is that [of course] redwood have entire ecosystems high up in their crowns thanks to soil buildup. thickets of berry bushes, ferns, other trees and small animals can spend their entire lives up in the sky. neat.

i’m briefly in my studio this week before heading out of town again, working on a bunch of sewn items for orders and holiday sales preparations. below is a huge stack of cards in progress.


i’ll post about all those upcoming sales soon! ok, back to the sewing machine!

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    i was just in seattle & portland last week and enjoyed the beautiful leaves and trees! we don’t get to experience the leaves turn in california so it was such a treat :)

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