Jill Bliss

October 5, 2009

grape love


concord grape pie?! yup. and YUM!

a gaggle of us girls got together on saturday to process about 30 pounds of concord grapes from someone’s yard into jelly and wondered what else we could make. grape pie was the answer!

we also experimented with making grape mixed cocktails. somehow the combination of fresh concord grape juice, vodka, seltzer and sugar makes the outside edge of your top lip burn. weird, but true. all of us experienced it!


oh yeah, and we also made oodles of grape jelly. guess what everyone’s getting for the holidays…

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  1. wow! for some reason it never occurred to me that you could bake with grapes.. looks yummy!

  2. jill :

    i know! it’s so good! but it is more work than other pies since you have to remove the skin and the seeds from each and every grape.

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