Jill Bliss

November 18, 2008

home, sweet home!

latest project completed:

gathered together art show by jill bliss and saelee oh
tinlark gallery
Crossroads of the World
6671 Sunset Boulevard, #1512, Hollywood, CA 90028
www.tinlark.com 323.463.0039
nov. 15th – dec. 6th

back from l.a., totally exhausted, but happy with everything i accomplished on the trip and all the lovely people i met. it’s intense weeks like that last one – overly fabulous, overwhelming and insanely paced – that make me long for a quiet week or two afterwards to reconnect with my friends, family, home and studio. as long as i can keep that balance it works most of the time. i’ve been on three long walks through the neighborhoods in the past 12 hours since i’ve been home, giddy about the prospect of not having to pack my suitcase and leave again for a while. it also helps that it’s 50 degrees and overcast here in portland today, ahhhh my favorite weather!

there are two additional places online to see photos from my and saelee’s show: juxtapose magazine’s write-up and the tinlark gallery blog. i’ll swipe and put some favorite ones here with personal comments…

me installing the hanging garlands. i had a box of 500 pushpins to start with. there were about 30 left when i finished, and i now have bruised and blistered thumbs. but i was pleased with the end result, especially when the a/c went on and the garlands swayed in the breeze. it’s magical, like being in an underwater kelp forest!

a close up of the finished results. that reminds me that i posted a page with overall photos of the space the day of the opening, but somehow that entry is not showing up live! i’ll investigate that shortly. in the meantime, here’s one photo of half the space…

some of the leaf garlands in the corner!

some of our diorama domes!

some of the garlands can be worn as necklaces, or, as my newest girl-crush arden [above, with me and saelee] pointed out, as headbands. i didn’t know it at the time, but apparently arden is an actress in various movies and on mad tv. saelee and i will try not to stalk her.

behind us you can see the giclee prints from our calendar and saelee’s huge cut out artpiece on the right. all the art that hasn’t sold yet will be on the tinlark gallery website in the next day or two. i’ll keep you posted!

4 Responses to home, sweet home!

  1. It all looks amazing – especially the hanging garlands!

  2. this is an insanely gorgeous and inspiring post!!!!! You are *amazing!*

  3. Oh wow Jill all this looks so pretty!
    I love the fact that you posted the process.
    Im in love with those garland.
    I wish you all the best with new show
    Much love

  4. My desire to have hanging garlands has now been increased ten-fold. :-D


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