Humpback Salish Sea Moonrise
(Animal Habitats series)

18″ x 24″ ink, pencil & paint on paper. 2016.

My Anima series explores the shape and form of nature in the Pacific Northwest. Here are three of the Salish Sea’s humpback whales: mama Heather, her son Split Fin and a baby. Living in a tent for a bit on the western edge of San Juan island, I learned there’s nothing quite like drifting to sleep near the water’s edge on a windless night, listening to all the subtle night water noises.

A treasured memory: the stars above dance on the water’s surface as a passing humpback whale quietly surfaces and breathes on it’s way down to Mexico for the winter. Gentle whale-made waves eventually lap against the shore when it has gone. The absence of daytime boat traffic noise at night allows Salish Sea inhabitants a brief tranquility that their ancestors always enjoyed. Our present night peace is occasionally interrupted by the loud “thrum thrum thrum” engine noise of tankers, cargo ships or cruise liners chugging through Haro Strait, nighttime be damned.

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