Great Horned Owl
(Animal Habitats series)

18″ x 24″ ink, pencil & paint on paper. 2014.

My Anima series explores the shape and form of nature in the Pacific Northwest. Here the great horned owl is re-imagined as the coastal Pacific Northwest ecosystem of plants & animals in which it lives. This is basically a chart of everything it eats, ha ha. Seriously though, these owls are one of the top predators and will go after just about anything. Little creatures, watch your backs!

Each evening on the goat farm where I lived for a year, I’d watch a great horned owl sit on a tall fence post overlooking one of the fields. S/he would periodically swoop down into the field for an unsuspecting shrew feast. The low calm owl calls deep in the night were comforting to me in my bed, probably terrifying for everyone else outside.

Yes I know we don’t have skunks on the islands, I was trying to be inclusive of mainland owls also.

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